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Health tourism is that people’s travel to another country from their own country for the purpose of; be treated, find health and fulfill their medical needs in a more economical and quality way.

While people meet their health needs, they also provide the opportunity to visit the historical, touristic and important places of the countries they visit, take a vacation and participate in activities.

Tourism visits oriented to health in Turkey continue to develop since 2009.

Turkey has become a center of attraction with the development of the health sector, the success of the experts and the recognition of its name in health worldwide.

Health tourism in Turkey is mostly focused on aesthetic surgery, hair transplantation, oral and dental health, oncology and other medical tourism.
Health tourism has caused that all countries to work in this field, and more than 20 million people have traveled around the world every year for the purpose of medical treatments and operations.

With the effect of diversification of health services, the differences in treatment costs between countries, the problems in the health systems of countries and the increment in the elderly population, low-budgets, quality treatment and service expectations bring health travels to the fore.

Citizens in developed countries have come to the conclusion that it is logical to buy treatment plans which comply with accreditation and quality standards, provide quality service, waiting less time and lower cost, from developing countries.

Turkey as a country prepared to meet all kind of needs in health, ranks high in health tourism with its high-level hospitals and specialist doctors. Investments and incentives which made in this area with government supports are convenient to the growth of the sector and the arrival of more and more visitors in need of health care.
In this era when communication technology has increased, now people can easily access all kinds of information, and with the investments made by service providers in the digital field, travels in order to have treatment increase and quality becomes more important.

Eventually, the health tourism market is expanding day by day and draw attention from investors. Advanced medical technologies, equivalence in health education, some illegal practices in each country, convenience of transportation, low treatment costs, variations in waiting times, globalization in communication channels and increasing standards have caused health tourism to spread to many areas of the world.

EstTime International Health Services serves in the fields of Oral and Dental Health, Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic Surgery.

As EstTime, we aim to introduce our national culture and meet all their health needs to our guests who come to our country from many destinations from the world for their health needs, and make them return to their home countries as trusting, healthy and happy guests.

We continue to represent our country in the best way in this field, as an institution that aims to always be there for our guests who have returned to their country, by continuing their consultancy services after the treatment.

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