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EstTime International Health Services

We support you with our expert staff and technological facilities in every need related to dental health, Hair transplant and Aesthetic As EstTime International health services. To take advantage of our free consulting opportunity, fill out the form immediately or contact us with our contact information.

We support you with our expert staff and technological facilities in every need related to oral and dental health As EstTime International health services. 

We support you with our expert staff with your questions about hair transplantation As EstTime International health services.

We support you with our expert staff with your questions about medical aesthetic As EstTime International health services.


EstTime International Health Services

Lokman Hekim which has been serving in the health sector for more than 20 years, has adopted the motto of happy-trusting people as a principle. We are proud of being a family with our thousands of happy patients, whose dreams we have realized with our expert, experienced and competent professional staff while directing the health sector.

We serve our valued guests with a closed area of 25.000 m2, a capacity of 250 beds and more than 900 experienced health personnel, in our modern hospital equipped with the latest technological devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplantation takes 6 to 8 hours. After the procedure, if the person does not want this process to be known in her/his work and social environment, a time of about 12 days is needed. If the person does not have a concern like that, he/she may return his/her Daily routine.

Grafts are the transplanted person’s own hair. It is taken from the dense neck area as determined.

They are FUE and DHI techniques. However, DHI method with special sapphire tipped pens is the latest technological method.

Hair transplantation is totally harmless and natural. It is the removal of one’s own hair follicle from the dense side and transplanting it to the sparse side.

A smile design can be made for anyone who wants to have a beautiful and different smile. However, if there are previous surgical interventions in the face area, it should be evaluated by specialists.

Before starting treatment, the patient is interviewed about what he/she is complaining about, why he;/she is uncomfortable, while laughing. Accordingly, the plan is made and the treatment begins. During the Smile Design Process, attention is paid to the structure of the lips, length of the teeth, gingival properties, and harmony of the lips and teeth.

If a layer of microbes called Dental plaque is allowed to accumulate on the teeth, harmful substances produced by bacteria living in this layer lead to inflammation in the gums. ‘Dental plaque’ is a layer of microbes that regularly accumulate on the teeth. They are soft and colorless.

We are with you at every moment of your process

How Does Treatment Process Work?


Diagnosis (Fist Contact)

We listen to your needs and inform you in detail when you contact us.


Photo Submission

Before you come to our hospital, we evaluate your photos with our specialist doctors during the communication process and generate appropriate solutions through online examination.


Advise and Offer

We inform you in line with the recommendations of our doctors as part of the information and photographs you send.


Appointment & Reservation:

You can make your appointment optionally when you accept our offer; we organize flight travel, hotel reservation, airport transfer, intermediate transfer and all your other transactions.


Transfer and Accommodation:

We take you from the airport with our VIP vehicles and organize your hotel, hospital and travel programs. We send you off to the airport at the end of the treatment.


Planning and Interview:

We review your entire health plan by meeting with staff who accompany you throughout the whole process in your mother tongue staff and branch doctors. We inform you about the operation to be performed afterwards.



We provide the most suitable price advantage for your budget by making a appropriate treatment plan for you as a result of the diagnosis of our doctors.


Travel and Visits:

We show you the most beautiful places of Istanbul, supply shop opportunity, opportunity of taste decent meals in the best quality restaurants and plan a nice tour with cooperation of experienced guides in the gaps of your treatment procedures.


Perfect Appearance

We enable you to have the operation you dream with our professional team. We follow the whole process with you from the beginning to the end.


Post-Operation Follow-Up

After sending you off when your treatment is over, we follow your situation with our healthcare personnel, make recommendations and ensure that your treatment is completed in the most appropriate way

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