Dental Health and Beneficial Foods

There are food that affect your dental health in a good way and a bad way. The bacteria that live in your mouth, teds to get a reaction with various food that you put in your mouth. Reaction between bacteria and foods can cause tooth decays, but some foods do not urge tooth decays. Bacteria present in the mouth react with the foods you eat and turn sugar into acid. Acid start to attack tooth enamel and process of decaying get started.

Beneficial Foods for Your Dental Health

-Milk and Milk Products:

Milk, yogurt and cheese are one of the best options to protect gum health. These foods are protecting tooth enamel by covering it. These foods These foods help them to form minerals with the high amount of calcium and phosphorus they contain.

-Fruits and Vegetables:

A lot of fruits and vegetables which contain high level of water are convenient to protect tooth and gum health. This is because high level of water which these fruits and vegetables contain, dilutes the effect of sugar of them. Also these foods tend to increase salvia flow which protect teeth from decay. Beneficial fruits for tooth are apple, strawberry and pear. Some good, crispy vegetables are broccoli, sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, and celery. Celery is especially beneficial, that’s because it needs extra chewing and therefor it massage and clean gum. Because of these qualities celery is one of the food that helps tooth and gum stay healthy.


Drinking water, green tea and other herbal teas are beneficial for dental health. You can easily sip these herbal teas without sugar. These teas contain antioxidants which prevent plaque from sticking to teeth, therefor they reduce the risk of getting caught to gum diseases and tooth decays. These teas also prevent growth of bacteria in the mouth and they help to struggle with bad breathe problems.

-Other Special Foods:

Chicken, other types of meats and hazelnut are also beneficial for dental health. Just like milk and milk products, these foods help to produce tooth enamel. Onions contain strong antibacterial sulfur compounds. Studies show that onions tend to kill different types of bacteria. So eating fresh and raw onion can help to protect teeth and gum.

Harmful Food for Your Dental Health

Worst foods for dental health are sweet foods and drinks. Sugary sodas greatly contribute to tooth decay. In addition, it is necessary to eat sweets in limited quantities, as they promote tooth and gum problems. Also, sugar free products are better than products which contain natural sugar. This is because the natural sugars in foods tend to react with bacteria in the mouth to encourage the release of acids that cause tooth decay. It did not observe the reaction with bacteria in sugar free products. You can find a lot of sugar free products in the supermarkets. But be sure they do not contain natural sweeteners which can harm tooth and try to stay away from that kind of products. Also sugar free gums increase the salvia while chewing and remove the little foods that stuck in teeth, that’s because sugar free gums are also beneficial for dental health.

There are various other factors that cause tooth decay except the food that you eat. Eating more frequently also increases the exposure of teeth to harmful acids. Also you need brush your teeth at least two times in a day, and if it is possible after every meal. If you don’t brush your teeth after meals, at least you can gargle your mouth. For healthy teeth and gum it is important to  visit your dentist twice a year for a comprehensive checkup and dental cleaning.

Since the vitamins in fruits and vegetables are very important for teeth and gums, by increasing the consumption of colorful fruits and vegetables, teeth can be strengthened and cleaned naturally.

1.Strawberry: Acid which it contains, causes mechanical cleaning. This minimizes plaque formation.

2.Apple: It is a natural cleaner for teeth and gum. It helps the teeth whitening.

3.Orange: Thanks to the natural fibers in it, the teeth look brighter. It helps teeth get stronger. The minerals in its shell are natural toothpaste.

4.Broccoli: Raw broccoli which you eat on your meal, thanks to its fibers cleans your teeth. Minerals which it contains, help to teeth whitening.

5.Spinach: Like all other green leafy vegetables, spinach is full of magnesium. Spinach can be consumed frequently for magnesium, which is necessary for dental health.

6.Red Pepper: Red pepper which is known as the biggest help for toothache, relieves the pain and lets you relax.

7.Pineapple: In addition to protecting tooth enamel, it has a positive effect on saliva secretion.

8.Quince: It massages to gum, accelerates the blood flow and helps the dental health.

Consume colorful fruits and vegetables to prevent dental calculus

Especially strawberry and pineapple is good for teeth and gum. Various acids which they contain, reduces plaque formation by providing mechanical cleaning. Lack of vitamin C, makes the gum weaker and leads to periodontal discomfort. Consuming kiwi, which contains more vitamin C than other fruits, help the prevent that problem. In addition to forest fruits, many fruits, including oranges, melons, and all green and colorful vegetables such as red peppers, broccoli, and spinach are excellent sources of vitamin C.

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