Natural Rhinoplasty

The decision of rhinoplasty emerges as a decision that creates many question marks in people’s minds and gets stronger. It should not be forgotten that in today’s conditions, nasal aesthetics are applications that can be performed very successfully and have effective results. However, it is very important for the success of rhinoplasty for people who are worried about the postoperative period to know what to do before and after the operation.

Rhinoplasty is performed to improve the current appearance, and at this stage, a nose correction is made that can be compatible with the patient’s face.

Compared to the methods used in the past, rhinoplasty, which can be done quite easily today, carries some risks as in every operation. It is important to know these risks and take precautions. Those who are considering rhinoplasty and want to know how this process will progress, should learn well what should be considered before and after rhinoplasty.

Things to Consider Before Nose Aesthetics


In order for the rhinoplasty surgery to be successful and the next process to be overcome more easily, it will be necessary to take the right steps before the surgery. Patients will feel much better when they have information about the operation process, before and after. It is very important to feel good before the surgery and to trust the doctor who performed the surgery. In order to increase the success of rhinoplasty surgery, we share below for you what patients should pay attention to before surgery.


  • The first step in preparing for the surgical process is to undergo a good health screening. With the analyzes made by the anesthesiologist, it will be necessary to understand whether you are physically ready for surgery. In addition, it is necessary to be more careful during this period, as diseases such as flu or cold, which have recently been experienced, will prevent the operation. If the doctor decides that the surgery will not cause any health problems, the first stage of rhinoplasty is passed.
  • If there are drugs used regularly before rhinoplasty, they should be shared with the doctor. This information should definitely not be skipped during the interview with the anesthesiologist. However, if the drugs used are blood thinners, they should be discontinued. Again, the type of nutrition that will dilute the blood should not be given.
  • It is okay for women to have surgery on their special days. However, it will be appropriate for the doctor to decide whether the surgery will be performed during this period.
  • The negative effects of smoking will be quite high in the pre-operative period as well. You should definitely stop smoking before the surgery as it slows down the post-operative recovery process and will cause more damage to the respiratory tract during the period when the nose will be bandaged. The more comfortable you are on the day of surgery, the better it will be for you. For this reason, it is recommended to go to bed early by taking a warm shower the day before the operation.
  • Since you will definitely need help on the day of surgery, it would be appropriate to go with your companion. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that this comrade is someone who thinks positively and can give you morale.


Things to Consider After Nose Aesthetic Surgery


  • It is necessary to be very careful in the process until the rhinoplasty is completely healed. Since it will take some time for the nose to take the desired shape in rhinoplasty, it will be necessary to protect the nose in the postoperative period.
  • Since rhinoplasty operations are usually performed with general anesthesia, patients should be aware that they will feel weak in the postoperative period. It is considered appropriate for the patients to take a break from their social life for a few days so that they can spend this period of fatigue comfortably.
  • The lying position of the patients after rhinoplasty is also of great importance. It is recommended that patients lie on their back with two pillows, especially until the nose pads are removed during the surgery. In this way, the head will be held upright and the possibility of edema will be eliminated.
  • In the first days following the surgery, the nose will be wrapped and the throat will be dry as only mouth breathing will be allowed. In order to combat dryness of the throat and mouth, it is necessary to consume plenty of water during this period. An effective lip moisturizer can be used for cracked lips.
  • The most frightening complication of rhinoplasty is bleeding. It is normal for a pinkish liquid to come out of the nose after the surgery. If the color of the incoming fluid is like blood and the amount is intense, it is necessary to consult a doctor in such a case. Do not panic, your doctor will warn you about what may happen after the operation.
  • Since the sun’s rays can directly affect the skin, it is necessary to be protected from the sun as much as possible in the postoperative period. It is envisaged to take such a precaution, taking into account the possibility of sun irritating the skin. It is also recommended that patients not be in very hot environments after surgery. In fact, it will be much better if the room temperature is kept at a certain level.
  • Since it is necessary to pay attention to the movements of the upper jaw after rhinoplasty, it is recommended to make sensitive movements during tooth brushing. It would be a good decision if the toothbrush used is softer than the one normally used.
  • Patients should pay close attention to head pressure after rhinoplasty. Therefore, they should avoid sports and exercises that increase the pressure.
  • One of the most important details to be considered is the use of glasses. Glasses should not be used for at least two months after rhinoplasty. During this period, it would be more appropriate to switch to the use of lenses.

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