DHI Technique

DHI Hair Transplantation means “Direct Hair Transplantation”. In this method, grafts (hair follicles) are collected through a medical pen called “choi”, which should only be used by specialists, and then the hair taken through to this pen is placed directly on the skin without opening the incision and canal. While these two procedures are performed in separate sessions in the known hair transplant methods, comfort and convenience are provided to consultants by  reducing the procedure to one session through the special medical pen used. In short, the process of FUE technique consists of three stages while DHI technique has two stages. It is a hair transplantation technique that maximizes the frequency of hair without cutting hair along with comfortable and fast healing. The purpose of this method;  to enable the patient to continue his life with his new hair that looks frequent appearance.


What are the advantages of DHI method?

The process of opening the channel and hair follicle placement at the same time allows the collected hair follicles to be placed in place without waiting for a long time. It is ensured that much more frequent planting and much more  much more natural views. it minimizes the damages that may occur on the skin. The waiting period of roots during hair transplantation is reduced under favour of special equipment. Thus, the risk of root loss is minimized. Existing hair is not damaged. It is also a method that can be applied on patients with incomplete hair loss. . The patient experiences a rapid healing process and continues his life with his new hair


Is Painless Hair Transplant Possible?

Hair transplantation can be performed under local anaesthesia, as well as under sedation (general anaesthesia). This method avoid patients to feel pain. This procedure, which is applied by our expert anaesthesiologists, is effective in the patient’s hair transplantation process without worry, pain and comfort.


What are Painless Hair Transplant Methods?

Sedation (General Anaesthesia)

Sedation is a method of anaesthesia applied to the patient. Thanks to sedation, the person does not feel pain from the beginning of the process and does not experience pain even when it is finished. The combination of analgesic (pain reliever) and sedative (relaxing) drug is applied  intravenously by the anaesthesiologist. After application, the patient experiences a slight drowsiness, a feeling of relaxation and pleasure. Consciousness is clear, talking with the patient is possible.


Comfort Anaesthesia

In hair transplantation procedures, aesthesia is applied both to the donor area (neck area) and to the area where the hair follicles will be placed. The type of aesthesia used in hair transplantation is local aesthesia. Local aesthesia stage in hair transplantation applied by injection method can be done without needles and painlessly thanks to a special hair transplantation device called Comfort-in.

This particular device allows the drug to penetrate under the skin by spraying the aesthetic that is placed inside and helps the patient with needle phobia to have a more comfortable, psychological and physical operation.


Whom Can It Be Applied?

People with a fear of needles

People with anxiety disorders

People with a low pain threshold

People with heart and blood pressure disease


What are the advantages?

Fear and anxieties can cause some people to stay away from the hospital, even with health problems. Therefore, patients may prefer general aesthesia instead of local aesthesia. Patients who wait for the procedure to be completed during the operation can often get tired or bored of waiting. Therefore, they may prefer sedation. Blood pressure is not high, so less bleeding is seen.


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DHI Technique Steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplantation takes 6 to 8 hours. After the procedure, if the person does not want this process to be known in her/his work and social environment, a time of about 12 days is needed. If the person does not have a concern like that, he/she may return his/her Daily routine.

Grafts are the transplanted person’s own hair. It is taken from the dense neck area as determined.

They are FUE and DHI techniques. However, DHI method with special sapphire tipped pens is the latest technological method.

Hair transplantation is totally harmless and natural. It is the removal of one’s own hair follicle from the dense side and transplanting it to the sparse side.

A smile design can be made for anyone who wants to have a beautiful and different smile. However, if there are previous surgical interventions in the face area, it should be evaluated by specialists.

Before starting treatment, the patient is interviewed about what he/she is complaining about, why he;/she is uncomfortable, while laughing. Accordingly, the plan is made and the treatment begins. During the Smile Design Process, attention is paid to the structure of the lips, length of the teeth, gingival properties, and harmony of the lips and teeth.

If a layer of microbes called Dental plaque is allowed to accumulate on the teeth, harmful substances produced by bacteria living in this layer lead to inflammation in the gums. ‘Dental plaque’ is a layer of microbes that regularly accumulate on the teeth. They are soft and colorless.

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