How to do teeth cleaning?

Here is the way to prevent many health problems, teeth cleaning…

Lases teeth whitening method is the in-office teeth whitening with laser light. This technique is the latest technology on permanent bleaching process. The whitening process is done by laser by placing a protective plaque on the gum.

A lot of people are afraid of teeth cleaning. Strange zing sound and an aching chin. It is normal to be worried. But most of the time teeth cleaning is simple and painless. Now, how to teeth cleaning is doing?


Teeth cleaning is important, not only for a clean teeth but also for healthy mind and body. But even in a such routine process, there are a lot of things, people don’t know about. Here is what you should know and expect from teeth cleaning…

A lot of people see the mouth as a part from rest of the body. But the fact is they are connected, and problems in your mouth may indicate or even play a role in disease in other parts of your body, including dementia and heart diseases.

Teeth cleaning is an important part of keep your mouth and rest of your body healthy.



Because of two reasons, we need teeth cleaning:

-To prevent diseases of other parts of body like heart diseases, dementia and diabetes complications,

-To prevent tooth loss.

Mouth is totally different from body and it get affected by the food we consume and talking we do during the day. And that requests a special caution.

Teeth cleaning removes plaque and tartar formation. The formation of plaque and tartar leads to gum disease.

Dry mouth is your body’s immune system reacting to this tartar buildup with inflamed and bleeding gums. As gum disease progresses, it damages the bones and tissues in your mouth.

Teeth cleaning has a critical importance to prevent these.

How to do teeth cleaning?

Professional teeth cleaning is made by dentist. Dentist use special tools to remove plaque and tartars without harming teeth. All dental tools undergo strict cleaning, disinfection and sterilization procedure to ensure safety and quality control.

-Dentist will use a dental mirror to examine areas which are hard to see. Dental mirrors usually elongated handles attached to round mirrors. Dental mirrors help to dentist to observe symptoms such as irritation, swelling, decay, tartar and bleeding in teeth and gum.

-Generally most important tool for teeth cleaning is ultrasonic. This tools use vibrations to loosen bigger pieces of tartar. At the same time, it sprays water to clean loosen pieces. The ends of the ultrasonic device are round and curved and used with constant movements. The settings on the device can be adjusted according to the patient’s condition.

-After the remove of bigger pieces of tartar, dentist starts to use thinner tools. These tools, often called toothpicks or plows, are designed to remove small deposits from teeth and smooth tooth surfaces.

-To be sure all tartar is cleaned, every tooth should be checked one by one.

-The dentist polishes the teeth when the surfaces of the teeth are smooth. It straightens and polishes the teeth using a rotating hand tool with a rotating soft head.

In some cases, your dentist can apply fluoride as a last step. Fluoride, available in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, mint and cherry, is placed on flexible foam trays and placed over the teeth. After 30 seconds of fluoride therapy, dentist asks from patient to spit the solution. Fluoride is use for strengthen the teeth and protect from plaque and tartar.

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